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Pat Stay Biography, Wikipedia, Wiki, Networth, Death Cause

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Pat Stay
Pat Stay

Pat Stay Biography, Wikipedia, Wiki, Networth, Death Cause. Pat Star was a Canadian Rapper.

Pat Stay, known as one of the best battle rappers in the game, is dead after a stabbing incident in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The stabbing happened early Sunday morning in downtown Halifax, according to police — and while the authorities haven’t confirmed Pat as the victim … his brother, Pete Stay, confirmed his death to CBC.

Police responded just after 12:30 AM, and Pat was taken to a hospital … but he later died from his injuries. No one’s been arrested for the stabbing.

Pat was from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia … hardly a hotbed for hip hop, but he was still revered within the industry for his freestyling during live rap battles.

Stay had a large social media following, and dropped a new track on YouTube just 2 days ago that rips into The Game — it’s called “The Game DISS.”

The video includes brief quotes from Drake, Method Man and Joe Budden … who all praised Stay’s battle rapping.

Drake’s take on his skills was, “Pat Stay’s definitely one of, if not, the best.”

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